What is it? 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain based disorder that limits people to pay attention, accomplish tasks, and stay organized.  It starts in childhood but is commonly not detected until adulthood.  It can effect each individual differently, however, often people with ADHD experience difficulty focusing, getting distracted easily, being unable to finish project, always being late, losing track of conversations, being forgetful, and missing details among other symptoms.      

How is it diagnosed? 

ADHD is a clinical diagnosis which requires a thorough interview with a licensed professional in order to detect the presence of symptom and also ensure that the symptoms are not explained by another disorder.  The symptoms have to be present since childhood and have negative consequences in at least two areas of life.  In addition, an evaluation will involve filling out specialized questionnaires as well speaking to a close friend or relative for a third person perspective on symptoms.  

How is it treated? 

ADHD is treated with a variety of medications as well as behavioral treatments in order to address in chemical imbalances but also create the behavioral changes needed to maximize functioning.