What is it? 

Anxiety is a normal part of life.  However, for some individuals anxiety becomes a prominent part of their experience and begins to significantly impact their ability to function in the world.  They may find themselves always feeling nervous, worrying constantly, having physical symptoms, feeling tiered, and even feeling irritable or angry.  Anxiety comes in a variety of forms depending on the focus of the anxiety for example generalized worry, fear about social situations, illness related concerns, or a specific fear. 

How is it diagnosed? 

Anxiety disorders are diagnosed through a clinical interview with a licensed professional in order to detect the particular type of anxiety disorder and also exclude other disorders that may cause similar symptoms (including medical conditions).  Some individuals may benefit from medical testing (blood tests, imaging) in order to ensure that there is no medical condition  

How is it treated? 

Anxiety disorder can be effectively treated with medication and talk therapy.  The type of treatment is dependent on individual preferences as well as the particular type of anxiety disorder present.